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Account Director

Job description

You will become one of the more prominent and out-going faces of our company and take the lead with a number of our clients and their projects. Thanks to your previous commercial and event experience, you will be able to manage both the client relationships as well as lead the production of the events. Ensuring both a strong communication and long lasting bond with our client as well as a production that meets our highest standards.

On a daily basis you will be following up on our clients, reach out to them, stay connected and spot opportunities for additional business. On the other hand, you will be involved in day-to-day meetings and following up with the project managers and executives that are working alongside you on your projects. You will be responsible for cultivating strong relationships internally and externally as well as keeping an overview on your team’s workloads, deadlines and P&L’s.

One of your most important tasks will be working alongside our team of Partners and acting as the right hand man/woman to our Partner and Projects Director, who remains in charge of the entire project management team and all the events and productions that we run.

One of your personal challenges is to become one of the leading Cubers within our team of high-energy, extremely driven and kick-ass youngsters who want to create impact for the customers. Don’t get fooled by their ages, they are taking the marketing, activations and media world by storm!


  • You are an ambitious and enthusiast High Potential that’s not afraid of hard work.
  • You are ready to take the lead in client relationships and keep growing them ;
  • You are able to take charge with our internal teams to safeguard our high standards ;
  • Your experience at our industry will help us to grow our business and teams even faster ;
  • You are a proactive worker with a positive attitude towards everything. We need some strong team players that are ready to have a wild but fun ride with us!
  • You want a seat at the table and have a candid discussion on performances, P&L’s and quality ;
  • You are a natural networker that knows how to turn a “contact” into a meaningful relation and partnership. Not only with our clients, but also internally with our team!
  • You are a true go-getter with a focus on results and opportunities instead of difficulties and excuses. At the end, we need someone who gets things done.


A challenging role within a very high pace, dynamic, young and driven team of marketers. We’re a close group of hard workers who love to have fun, while getting our projects done. You’ll be working within a creative team alongside our project managers and executives who will hopefully turn your ideas into a reality.

As an Account Director you will be working directly working with the partners and report 1-1 to our Projects Director. This function gives you a respected voice in our internal and external discussions and a possibility to help us shape our company even further.

You’ll be directly reporting to the Project Director. Your KPI’s are based on the built relationships, return customers, revenue generated and project financials from the team.

About CityCubes

Here at CityCubes, we are passionated about the creation and execution of great ideas. We are a brand activation agency which is specialized in pop-ups and activations at unique locations.

Our campaigns are designed to grab people’s attention and to immerse them into our client’s worlds. Creating lasting memories by bringing brands and experiences to the the hearts of cities and communities.

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