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Safe Entry Solutions


We developed several units to ensure a safe entry for all you visitors.


Belgium, UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, France, Austria


Innovation - Services - R&D


Placement of first unit: April 10th 2020


Our product has gone global and has already disinfected thousands of people

Create safe environments to avoid the spreading of Covid19.

We love what we do, and wouldn’t let Covid19 stop us from doing that. So we created something new to make sure life could go back to normal as soon as possible. Ranging from single indoor units, to large containter units where you can disinfect your hands and materials before entering the location. ‚Äč


We installed several tunnels and containers in front of shops, in public places, Casino’s, airports, .. that people had to walk through. In the tunnel, they could disinfect their hands and materials like shopping trolleys at supermarkets.

Besides the standalone units, we also created a Mobile Misting Unit that disinfects rooms in a very short period of time using a dry mist. Which means, that it can be used in areas where electrical devices are present.

We were soon noticed and through a couple of new partnerships we went global with Disinfect and became Disinfect Group. One of our partners is dnata (part of the Emirates Group). They are very active in the aviation sector and off course very keen to offer safety solutions to their customers and make sure we can all start flying again in the future!


Through partnerships, Disinfect has gone global! Currently, we have Disinfect BE, Disinfect UK, Disinfect Austria, Disinfect USA (Florida) and Disinfect Pacific (Singapore, Australia and New Zealand).

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