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POPPY Activation

A fun and creative activation for POPPY to gain more awareness among their target audience during the Week of Mobility 2021


A creative activation for POPPY


Zuiderburen Festival and Full Circle Festival in Antwerp


Brand Activation


September 2021




POPPY wanted to be more in the picture with their target audience so they can convince them to register themselves on the POPPY application. 

They wanted to do this on two different events in Antwerp during the week of mobilitity 2021: Zuiderburen Festival and Antwerp City Festival. And that’s exactly where we could do our job! 

The question was, how could we improve lead generation for POPPY?


The answer was simple. We had to create some eyecatchers to make sure that everyone saw POPPY was present. To do this, we have made:

A POPPY WALL, a hudge wall made out of POPPY flowers with a white POPPY logo, based on where the name of the brand POPPY cames form. POPPY flowers are the first flowers that will grow back in infertile soil. They are red and will pop up everywhere in the field, just like POPPY’s cars and steps. 

POPPY LETTERS, that you can’t miss! These are big letters that immediately catch your eye, made out of styrofoam so they are not too heavy.

Last but not least, POPPY WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Sign in on the tablet, spin the wheel and get some POPPY gadgets or win some big prices. He who does not dare does not win!


In only two and a half activation days we have reached +500 new leads!