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Story Studio

A new and innovative way to experience Immersive Storytelling.


Partnership between Studio 100 & CityCubes to create an Immersive Story


Meir 57 - Antwerpen
Right in the middle of the most popular shopping street




June 2021 - March 2022


+ 20.000 people and still counting


Studio 100 & CityCubes were looking for a new way to reach visitors after the big C.

During Corona nothing was easy, but we believed that we could make a difference in live  experiences, so we came op with the idea of an Immersive Story Studio: a fixed location in an huge footfall area, where you can experience several stories in a  Corona proof way.

There are examples of this concept that are very successful (mostly with images of painters), but we wanted to take it a step further. By adding audio, a story, a journey through different rooms, we could step up and make you forget about the outside world.

In a very short period of time we managed together with Studio 100 to find the perfect location, rebuild it & launched 2 immsersive stories already: Bestemming Atlantis & the more interactive Maya De Bij.


We transformed a beautiful but empty building (+- 2000m²) in the center of Antwerpen into 5 rooms with projection (walls & floor), a Smile Safari area where you can take some fun & nice pictures, a Shop area and off course a reception & briefing area.

Studio 100 was in charge of the content, we did what we do best making sure that everything was ready to receive guests and make them feel overwhelmed.


We had a great press conference with the Mayor of Antwerp and off course Hans Bourlon and Less than a week after opening, hundreds of enthusiastic people had already visited ‘Bestemming Atlantis’ in Story Studio. 

In August we launched ‘Het honingfeest van Maya De Bij’, an interactive show where all the kids (and parents) start to dance.

Story Studio is open until March 2021.  

Be sure to visit us and book your ticket here